Chromatones A Cappella | Welcome Newbies!
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Welcome Newbies!

Fall 2018 Newbies
Congratulations to the six new members of Chromatones A Cappella!
Isinsu Bastepe – Soprano
Maya Garfinkel – Alto
Rebecca Parry – Alto
Bing Wu – Tenor
Luc Langille – Baritone
Jonah Kidd – Bass
Winter 2018 Newbies
Once again, thank you to everyone who came out to our 2018 Winter Auditions and Callbacks. It’s an exciting time of year for us but the decision-making process never gets easier. Congratulations to the three newest members of Chromatones A Cappella!
Arly Abramson – Tenor  ♥  Jacob Miller-Chapin – Baritone  ♥  Sasha Sorger Brock – Bass

Fall 2017 Newbies

Constance Perez

Mekayla Forrest

Joey El-Achkar

Matthew McLaughlin

Fall 2018 Newbies