Chromatones A Cappella | Auditions
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Thank you to everyone who came out to our 2017 Fall Auditions and Callbacks. We so enjoyed getting the chance to hear each and every one of you, and our decision process is never an easy one. We hope to see many of you at future auditions, so keep an eye out. Congratulations to the four new members of Chromatones A Cappella!
Constance Perez
Mekayla Forrest
Joey El-Achkar
Matthew McLaughlin
Click here to get to know them!

What to Expect

Our audition process works in two parts.

The first audition takes between 5-10 minutes and all you need to prepare is a 1 minute song of your choosing that you believe best showcases your vocal abilities. When you get to the audition, you will be asked to do a few vocal warm ups, listening and sing-back exercises, as well as the ever-so-dreaded sight reading exercises. You are not required to know how to read music to be in Chromatones; these exercises are just a way for us to gauge how your voice sounds and how you’ll fit with us!

After the first round of auditions, we will hold Call Back Auditions. All singers/beatboxers/rappers who have been invited to the call backs will learn a section of a Chromatones song. This way, we can hear how you blend in a group and how you learn music. Additionally, you will also be asked to come with a different 1 minute song prepared. The purpose of this audition is for us to see exactly how you perform in a group as well as a soloist.

We totally understand if you’re sick or have lost your voice. We hold auditions at the beginning of the semester, which is when everyone is coming into contact with new germs. This is a product of living in a rez, sharing drinks (among other things) during frosh, or traveling! We will be able to see and hear past it. Make sure to rest up, drink some tea, and, most importantly, don’t worry!