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About the Group

Chromatones A Cappella is a student a capella group at McGill University. Having formed in 2012, our repetoire has been constantly growing to reflect the unique styles of our members. Our singers, rappers and beatboxers each bring their own diversity to the group to make it an inclusive and representative environment.

We perform songs of all genres, favouring indie rock and R&B. You can find us performing at events on the McGill campus, around Montreal, or at our annual concerts (one at the end of each semester). You can also find us online on Instagram and Twitter, and our website!

We released our first studio album in October 2017, titled ‘On The Rise.’ We may be a young group, but there is no limit to what we can do!


What exactly is it that you guys do?

We sing, rap and beatbox in the style of a cappella, which means that we use no instruments at all! We perform all over the city at events and charm the audiences with our beautiful harmonies.

What makes you guys different than the other a cappella groups on campus?

What makes us different is our wide variety of music! We perform all types of music, ranging from R&B and indie rock to pop and hip hop. To ensure that our music accurately represents our diverse tastes, we vote on songs that we wish to perform at the end of every semester. We then get our own members to arrange the songs. By doing so, every song we perform was arranged by a present or past Chromatones member.

How much of a time commitment is Chromatones A Cappella?

We rehearse as a group about 4 hours per week. We also have some additional time commitments, that run an hour or two per week. These include things like extra gigs around the city, sectional rehearsals, etc.

This all sounds pretty cool. So now, how do I join?

In order to join, you will have to audition. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems! Our auditions vary based on what voice parts we need, but are generally held at the beginning of every semester. All you need to do is sign up for an audition time and prepare a 1 minute song of your choosing! Remember – no background tracks! We’re 100% a cappella!

Where and when can I hear you perform?

You can check our Events page to see what performances we have coming up! If you can’t make it to any of our events, you can also check us out on SoundCloud or YouTube!

I need a music group to perform at an event. How can I book you guys?

Send us a message ( and our Vice President of External Communications will be able to work with you in coordinating a performance!

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